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A little more about the C programming language

A little more about the C programming language

C is one of the absolutely most known and used programming language, all around the world. And it sure is that for a reason – it’s easy to use and has a lot of useable functions.

C is a general purpose, imperative language for computers. It has a static type system that prevents many unintended operations, making it less likely to make errors when programming. It is since long used in applications that earlier was coded in assembly language, and C seemed to function very well together with this. This included operating systems like CNC machines, as well as application software in everything from phones to giant super computers.

The language C was designed to be compiled using a relatively straight forward complier, a program builder that is, as well as provide low-level access to memory. It is also designed to require minimum run-time support. C is very useful to many applications that used to run with assembly language, and the well-fitted C became something of a standard for this.

Except for being a suiting substitute for the assembly language, C also became famous from one particular reason. The creators made an easy to follow, step by step tutorial to write programs. They made it easy to understand and use, and the success was, and still is, complete. It is now used in many ways, for example both Linux and UNIX are programmed with C language. The language uses very simple words and it’s often coded with libraries, where there is long, prewritten codes that can be used easily to build programs.

The syntax and easily understandable language of C has influenced many other languages, through the years. For example there is the C++ and C#, that have a lot in common with the C language. Lots of the syntax is pretty much the same in this languages, as in the C language. Also, Java has a lot of syntax from C, as I wrote earlier in a post about different languages that’s suitable to learn. If you learn the C programming language, you will have a much easier time to learn many other languages as well. It’s a good and welcoming start into the world of programming, and I can guarantee you that you will find it useful even in the future.