Business and newbie guide to programming

My current resumé

Years ago, when I first started programming, I started to make a list of what I’ve learnt and done. Through the years I’ve been adding more and more things to this list and now, it looks kind of like this. Have in mind that I’ve actually not taken in all 100% of what I’ve done, this is just a collection of the bigger things. I’m also constantly learning more, since I want to keep up with development. However, here is what I’ve been up to and what I’ve learnt so far:

  • Java, Perl, Ruby, Javascript, Scheme
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Lucene
  • Apache, mod_perl, Ruby on Rails
  • REST web services, Atom Publishing Protocol
  • AJAX, both intra- and cross-application
  • Firefox extensions
  • Linux, Mac OS X

In my spare time I work on the following projects:

Accretion Disc (“Acredi”) – a lightweight publishing platform based on the Atom Publishing Protocol. Written using Ruby on Rails, it offers multiple sub-publications via dynamic categories and channels, and supports images and other media types alongside standard HTML articles. It deals only with publication – authoring of articles is delegated to other tools that support the Atom Publishing Protocol.

I occasionally refresh my web development skills by implementing simple games in the browser. You know, just to make sure I still got the skills needed. Most recently, I wrote a version of MasterMind for those idle moments that comes to and from. I may be geeky but I’ll never be alone when I have a home build version of MasterMind!

I also collect and re-write a lot of programming guides, as you will see on this site. I think that everybody should learn at least some kind of programming, to better understand the world we live in. Although, many people seem to believe it’s really hard and complicated. That’s why I decided to make a simpel guide, so people would not have a reason to get away with it.